Cyber Security Awareness Month is rapidly approaching, and this provides an opportune moment for us to reflect on the importance of fostering a cyber security culture in your organisation.  

Why build a cyber aware culture?

A strong cyber-aware culture isn't just about ticking compliance boxes or satisfying audit requirements. It's about actively embedding awareness and proactive behaviours into your day-to-day operations, ensuring your network and devices remain a secure space to conduct business in your organisation.

A cyber aware culture is important because it:

  • Protects stakeholders: Ensuring the safety of our users, customers and staff is our primary concern. A cyber-aware culture keeps them informed and vigilant against threats, reducing the risk of breaches or data loss.
  • Safeguards reputation: A single cyber breach can have cascading effects on an organisation's reputation. By actively promoting cyber awareness, we project a commitment to diligence and security.
  • Encourages responsible internet use: As leaders, it's our role to set the tone for responsible online behaviour. Embracing cyber awareness month provides an avenue for teaching and reinforcing these crucial habits.

The risks associated with conducting business and our personal lives online should not overshadow the benefits of it. That's why it’s more important than ever to take a step back and consider how we can protect ourselves and our organisations online.

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be tackling some critical topics that are vital for anyone and everyone active online:

Cyber Security Awareness Month Topics
  1. Importance of MFA – We’ll demystify Multi-Factor Authentication, revealing why it's an essential tool in our digital toolkit and how it's a game-changer in digital security.
  2. Using strong passwords – Let's chat about what makes a password secure, and why those seemingly annoying password requirements are actually doing us a favour.
  3. Updating and patching software – It's not just about getting the latest features. Timely software updates play a crucial role in keeping our data safe. We’ll dive into the reasons why hitting that ‘update now’ button is more crucial than you might think.
  4. Phishing risks – An ever-present threat in our inbox, we’ll discuss how to spot angler phishing attempts and protect our information from these digital scams.

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