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Raising awareness on the dangers of Phishing

Many organisations are still not fully aware of how dangerous and debilitating phishing attacks can be and how their employees are easy targets for these cyber attacks. 

At this year’s BrisSEC, we aim to raise awareness of cyber attacks. In addition, we plan to enlighten you on how practical phishing awareness training help mitigate the effects of these threats at organisations.

Fighting phishing—it’s what we do

We are an Australian-based cybersecurity company that specialises in cybersecurity awareness, phishing simulation and training solutions.

At Phriendly Phishing, we aim to:

Raise awareness on phishing 

Last year alone, email scams cost Australian businesses $81 million. We want to help businesses understand how dangerous these cyber threats can be.

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Training employees to identify scams effectively

Phishing scams can be difficult to detect. Our training programs aim to effectively teach your employees how to identify these malicious scams.

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Easy to follow training programs

Our training programs are designed to be scalable, measurable and accessible to anyone in the organisation, regardless of their cybersecurity knowledge.

Latest techniques and information on cyber threats

One of our main goals is to train your employees on the latest cyber threats and techniques to avoid them.