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Phriendly Phishing—your go-to cyber security training provider

We believe that an organisation’s cyber security is only as strong as its employees. Many individuals don’t have proper training in cyber security awareness and this could lead to them falling victim to cyber crime and inadvertently putting their workplace at risk too.

To prevent this, we offer comprehensive cyber security training solutions to help employees from all levels in an organisation improve their cyber security knowledge and learn how to identify and avoid these threats.

Online scammers are smarter than you think

Scammers are always finding ways to trick people into divulging information and money, but by looking for the right signs, your employees can easily spot an online scam. Download our free Employee Phishing Awareness Handbook today!

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Stay one step ahead of cyber criminals

Adopting new technologies to your organisation is necessary and inevitable, but it will also introduce a host of new challenges in cyber security. In light of this, we aim to:

Make employees aware of phishing

Phishing is one of the most common types of cyber attacks, but it can be hard to detect. Our training solutions will teach your staff how to identify and avoid these cyber threats.

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Teach your staff about the latest cyber threats

New cyber threats are appearing almost every day. We stay up to date with all the new developments in cyber security and teach your staff about new kinds of cyber attacks.

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Offer easy-to-learn course material

All of our training courses are designed to be accessible and easy to grasp for anyone in your organisation, from IT specialists to individuals with little or no cyber security knowledge.

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Provide hands-on training through simulations

We believe in learning by doing; we offer award-winning phishing simulations that will give your staff practical experience on how to overcome real-life phishing attacks.

Speak to our team for more cyber security advice and training solutions.

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