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Banks, universities, government agencies, health services and retailers are among hundreds of clients using Phriendly Phishing awareness training to improve their security risk profile in as little as 90 days.

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    Pair with a company that’s received global recognition for training programs created by cybersecurity risk remediation and education experts.

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      Take advantage of the financial incentives, benefits and support we offer to drive exciting new opportunities for your business.

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      Capitalise on a growing demand for onshore solutions with an Australian-designed SaaS platform hosted on Australian servers.

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      Ready to get started with Phriendly Phishing?

      If you’re ready to:

      • Improve your staff’s ability to detect phishing and spear-phishing threats

      • Reduce employee clicks on malicious links

      • Fight back against ransomware and fraud targeting executives

      • Reduce the risk of scams and malware proliferation and

      • Close the path of advanced malware to your systems

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      When it comes to cyber security, employees are often the weakest link. Without an understanding of how to identify and respond to common threats, your employees are easy targets to exploit.

      However it doesn’t need to be this way!

      Phriendly Phishing’s training and simulation programs bulid vital security awareness skills and minimise the impact of potential security threats on your organisation.

      And the best part? Phriendly Phishing is fully automated, so you can set it up and then get back to business.