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Liam O’Shannessy, the Executive Director of the Security Testing Assurance Team, offers a unique perspective on the world of ethical hacking. Though his current role is more management-focused, his extensive background as a penetration tester allows him to effectively lead a highly skilled SOC team. Liam highlights the continuous cat-and-mouse dynamic between ethical hackers and adversaries, emphasising the critical goal of identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

The fundamental objectives of ethical hacking remain the same, but the landscape has evolved significantly with advancements in cloud computing and generative AI. We discuss how the team uses a comprehensive service catalogue and a detailed skills matrix to ensure the right personnel are matched with the right tasks. This approach not only organises work but also allows for rapid specialisation in new technologies as needed.

Collaboration and continuous learning are key components of Liam’s approach to cyber security. He underscores the importance of purple teaming, where offensive and defensive teams work together to identify and close security gaps. Effective security solutions often require changes in governance and user behavior, highlighting the human factor in cyber security. Listen to the full epsiode today to gain deeper insights into the fascinating and ever-evolving field of ethical hacking.

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