Good information handling and security policies are only useful if people are aware of them and understand their roles in executing them effectively. If you’re looking for training that helps your people understand their accountability, you’ll find it here, with Phriendly Phishing.

Inside out or outside in: exposed data is still exposed data

Information security goes beyond just the measures you take to prevent malicious cyberattacks from outside your organisation. It’s also about the steps you take to ensure your organisation doesn’t leave data unprotected or exposed.

You can probably guess the legal and reputational fallout if your organisation’s internal memos, performance statistics, proprietary technology or other sensitive documents were published online for the world to see. You’re similarly obliged to safeguard your clients’, employees’ and suppliers’ identifying details and personal info from being publicly exposed.

Equip your staff to secure the asset most at risk—information

It is critical that your people understand their responsibilities for implementing information security and are trained in good security practices. With Phriendly Phishing’s information security awareness training, staff learn the importance of:

  • classifying, handling and disposing of information

  • not sharing their user identification or passwords

  • backing up their computers

  • only having authorised programs installed on their work computers and work phones

  • physically securing their work computers and work phones

  • not releasing confidential information unless authorised

  • securing data when working remotely

  • scanning incoming files and links

  • reporting anything that looks suspicious.

Want a workforce where every individual does their part to securely handle, control, store, transfer and dispose of information?

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Created by Australian-certified professionals for the Australian context,

our automated cybersecurity awareness training cultivates employee behaviour change ... for good.

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Phriendly Phishing’s micro courses deliver engaging lessons fast—a quick bite that fuels your busy team and keeps the process positive and fresh.

An intro to information security

Whether a dam is wall is poorly maintained or maliciously damaged, it can result in a loss of precious water. Information is your water. Have staff secure it well.


Handling sensitive information

Sensitive information is like a set of nuclear launch codes: the rules for accessing, handling and storing them are next-level. Help your team to level up.


Information classification

For Your Eyes Only is not only a James Bond movie. It’s also a label indicating who can access information. Few can have ‘Bond’ access. Tell your people why.


Information security at home

A well-intentioned medical employee learned the hard way not to download records and take them home where her work was unsecured. Discover the importance of domestic digital diligence.


Protecting credit card information

Take care of someone’s baby and you’ll do all you can to keep it safe. Protecting credit card numbers also require vigour, whether it’s one card or one million.


Phriendly Phishing courses help your employees safely navigate the waters of the web and by doing so, safeguard your operations and save you thousands.

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