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The threat of cyber attacks on schools

According to Check Point Research (CPR), the average number of cyber attacks on the education sector recorded in July 2021 alone was 3,934 per organisation. In fact, 6.2% of cyber crimes are reported in the education sector.
These numbers show just how easily schools can fall victim to cyber-attacks.

At the ICT in school summit, you can meet with school ICT leaders and experts and discuss ways to strengthen a school's cyber security infrastructure and gain new insights into how to keep your staff and student safe from cyber attacks.

Phriendly Phishing—we help fortify organisations against cyber crime

Cyber attacks on schools can not only cost thousands of dollars in damages, but they can set back the curriculum and delay a student's education. At Phriendly Phishing, we aim to mitigate the damage caused by cyber attacks through our phishing awareness and cyber security training solutions.

What we can do:

Teach social media safety

Students and staff alike use social media daily, and these platforms are fraught with dangers. Our training solutions can help your staff and your students avoid common cyber threats plaguing social media.

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Raise phishing awareness

Phishing scams are extremely common, but very difficult to identify most of the time. We offer comprehensive phishing awareness training to teach your staff and students how to easily detect phishing scams.

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Offer easy training courses

All of our training courses are created by cyber security experts, and they are designed to be easy for anyone to follow, from school ICT personnel to regular school students with basic cyber security knowledge.

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Manage your training platform

Our training platform is fully automated, meaning that it’ll require no administration from you. Let us handle all your school’s cyber security training needs while you focus on other important aspects of your institute.

Prepare your school against cyber attacks

Download this brochure to learn about the dangers schools face from cyber threats and how Phriendly Phishing can help fortify your educational institution’s cyber security infrastructure.