The Cyber Security Awareness Month toolkit

Thank you for requesting our comprehensive toolkit for this year’s Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Now you’re almost ready to get started with your Cyber Security Awareness Month program for your employees!

Our toolkit has four weeks worth of comprehensive cyber security-related content designed to help your employees learn more about cyber security and how they can avoid common cyber attacks.

Below, you can download each of the weekly content individually, or download all of them in a pack!

Download the Cyber Security Awareness Month toolkit

Week 1: Safety online

Launch Monday, 3rd October 2022

The internet is full of dangers, many of which are hard to detect. Without proper cyber security awareness, your employees could easily fall victim to cyber attacks and compromise the safety of your organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Download our 5 Handy Tips To Avoid Online Scams ebook and Clickbait Poster to help your staff understand and learn how to avoid the dangers of cyber space.

Week 2: Passwords and phrases

Launch Monday, 10th October 2022

Weak or generic passwords are easy for experienced hackers to decypher. Teach your employees how to create powerful passwords and follow effective online password practices to prevent their login details from being stolen.

Download our comprehensive passwords and paraphrases guides to give your employees tips on how they can improve their passwords and protect their login credentials.

Week 3: Social engineering

Launch Monday, 17th October 2022

‍Social engineering is a tactic cyber criminals use to psychologically manipulate individuals to coax them into giving them sensitive information and even money. Oftentimes, hackers win their victim's trust to take advantage of them.

Download our Social Engineering poster to help your employees learn about the common signs of social engineering.

Download our Social engineering poster

Week 4: Cyber bullying

Launch Monday, 24th October 2022

Cyber bullying is when people intimidate or tyrannise others on social media and other online platforms. Unlike being bullied in person, cyber bullying can be more terrifying as it occurs on a much larger scale.

Your employees could be victims of this awful practice and it may affect them emotionally and psychologically. It’s important to teach them how to deal with cyber bullying.

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