One area of cyber security that remains a constant nuisance to almost everyone, is potentially malicious emails. For IT professionals, managing emails is a critical task, as these messages can sometimes be phishing attempts that contain the risk of downloading malware, and this can compromise an organisation's entire network. Many organisations employ an IT department to investigate these emails, manually process them and discard or mark them as safe. As you can imagine, in a large organisation this can quickly get out of hand. Phriendly Phishing's new product, Phish Focus, can save your organisation a lot of time by providing the key information needed to prioritise emails in a quicker fashion.

The Art of Triaging Spam Emails

Triaging emails involves sorting through, and prioritising the suspicious messages to determine which require immediate attention and which can be safely discarded or forwarded. This process is essential for IT professionals because it helps to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks and malware infections, which can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, and operational disruptions.

The Cost of Triaging Emails

While triaging reported emails is undoubtedly essential, it's also a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. For many organisations, the sheer volume of reported emails can be overwhelming – up to 90% of these messages may be perfectly safe and not malicious.

IT professionals often spend countless hours sifting through these messages to identify the remaining 10% that pose a genuine threat. This manual process takes much needed IT resources away from operational and critical tasks, and leads to increased labour costs.

Introducing Phish Focus: Streamline Your Email Triage Process

Enter Phish Focus, an email triage product by Phriendly Phishing that improves the way organisations handle emails. By providing information about the reported emails, it improves the workflow substantially; Phish Focus dramatically reduces the time that IT would usually set aside for manual checking.

Phish Focus uses an email scanning framework to analyse incoming emails to identify potential threats contained in emails. It then labels them, allowing IT professionals to prioritise their time on potentially malicious ones – focussing their attention on a smaller, more manageable pool of flagged messages. This streamlined process allows IT teams to ultimately boost overall productivity and efficiency.  Using the feature Phish Clear, IT teams can also global delete, or purge the suspected malicious email from all inboxes to reduce the attack surface. You can also use the malicious email to your advantage using Phlipper - a feature that turns the attackers trick into training - 'flip' the email into a phishing simulation template for later use to ensure everyone is across the latest scams.

The manual email triage process can be time-consuming and costly, but with Phriendly Phishing's Phish Focus, you can save valuable time and resources by prioritising potentially malicious emails for attention. Bolster your cyber defences and free up your IT teams with Phish Focus, contact us today for a demo.