What challenges do your security team face daily?

  • A deluge of potential phishing and spam emails flooding employee inboxes.
  • Each reported email requiring precious time for analysts to investigate.
  • Struggling to prioritise severe phishing alerts amid the sheer number of emails reported.
  • Manual playbooks leading to analyst fatigue and inconsistent triage.
  • Difficulty retaining learned threat intelligence and boosting institutional knowledge.

Most user-reported suspicious emails turn out to be harmless.

Yet, your security team spends countless hours sorting through false positives. Enter Phish Focus, our innovative triage solution that streamlines and automates email analysis and submission response.

Key features of Phish Focus

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Helps detect malicious emails and remediate phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.

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Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to reported emails and streamlined access to key information.

Phish Clear

Clear the decks. Say goodbye to threats.

Give the broom to phishing emails, one click and Phish Clear will sweep the threat from all mailboxes in your organisation


Make their tricks, your training.  

Flip fear into function - quickly turn a phishing threat into a safe simulated phishing campaign.

What makes Phish Focus stand out:

SOAR application

An integrated, lightweight Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) application.


A product that automatically scans and prioritises reported emails based on risk level.

Save admin time

Reduces admin time by collating emails into a dedicated platform, then automatically processing non-threatening emails.

Customised automations

Customise automation rules to fit your unique requirements, including auto-replies to employees.

Purge threats

Instantly purge dangerous emails from other users' inboxes upon threat confirmation.

Local support and updates

Local support for a product that releases frequent updates and new features.

See Phish Focus in action

Upgrade to Phish Focus email triage and empower your security team to tackle phishing attempts head-on, saving valuable time and resources while keeping your organisation secure.

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How long does it take from a Learner reporting an email to it being scanned and prioritised?

Here’s how to get your security awareness training programme started.

1. Make sure your entire security detail is documented
2. Give your employees regular security awareness training
3. Determine which security tools you’ll need, such as firewalls
4. Train employees to handle a data breach if one occurs
5. Make all employees aware of security compliance mandates

Look here to learn more about security awareness training.

How often should the email inbox be monitored?

Phriendly Phishing’s security awareness training for employees includes easy-to-learn modules on subjects such as:

* Information security
* Workplace security
* Remote working
* Device security

How does Phish Focus scan emails?

The Phish Focus email triage receives email and scans using Anti Virus (AV) scanning tool. How does this work? How does this compare to the likes of Microsoft Defender?

What is the learner experience? Will they be told whether their email was a legitimate threat?

For the best, most consistent results, employees should be given security awareness training every four months.