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What the toolkit includes

This toolkit contains four weeks worth of digital content that you can share with your organisation’s employees to help raise cyber security awareness. In your free toolkit, you’ll find digital and printable posters, as well as a planning calendar.

Topics covered in the toolkit include:

Passwords and passphrases

Social engineering

Cyber bullying

Safety online

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Don’t wait. #SeeYourselfInCyber

This year’s theme for Cyber Security Awareness Month is “Don’t wait. #SeeYourselfInCyber

This theme emphasises the fact that when it comes to cyber security, people in an organisation are a part of the equation. Every effort a person makes to stay safe in cyberspace contributes to making their organisation more cyber resilient.

When everyone does their part to be cyber aware, they can:

  • Raise awareness of cyber attacks
  • Encourage others to comply with cyber security practices
  • Prevent their organisations from falling victim to data breaches

To learn more about Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit this link.

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