Phriendly Phishing is growing up!

Since launching in 2016, Phriendly Phishing has aimed to be Australia’s leading phishing simulation and cyber security training platform to support our valued partners and their customers cyber resilience.

Phriendly Phishing was originally established as part of Shearwater Solutions, which was Australia’s largest independent cyber security company before being acquired by CyberCX in 2019.

Over the last 4 years, Phriendly Phishing has continued to grow and scale its offering as part of CyberCX - now the next stage of our evolution is to ‘move out of home’ and into our own so we can continue to improve the way we serve our partners.  

From 1 October 2023, Phriendly Phishing will commence trading independently as Phriendly Phishing Pty Ltd.
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What is changing?

For our valued partners, there is no change to the people, technology, security and services we provide.  

What is changing is the entity that provides your service and our bank account details, which will be communicated to you individually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phriendly Phishing is becoming its own separate business, remaining part of the CyberCX Group from 1 October 2023.

Why is Phriendly Phishing becoming its own separate business?

Phriendly Phishing has grown significantly in the last 4 years and becoming our own separate business is the next step in our natural evolution. While we will remain part of the CyberCX group, operating independently will enable us to implement our own systems and processes specifically tailored to support our partners and continuously improve our service.

How will this impact my current services?

We are planning the transition so there will be no impact to you during our transition. The change is primarily structural, with our focus on minimizing impact on our partners. There are no changes to our products, support services, people and leadership team. Once we transition, our partners and your customers will benefit from streamlined systems and processes with improved efficiencies and service levels.

What is the name of the new Phriendly Phishing business?

We're keeping it simple - the new Phriendly Phishing business is called Phriendly Phishing Pty Ltd.

When is it changing?

Preparation is already underway for the change with legal effect from 1 October 2023.  The transition has manageable phases so the Phriendly Phishing team can continue to provide you with the same great service throughout transition.

I am a Phriendly Phishing customer through a reseller, what changes for me?

There are no changes for Phriendly Phishing customers via resellers.

I am a Phriendly Phishing partner reseller, what changes for me?

All Phriendly Phishing existing channel partners will be transferred to the new Phriendly Phishing Pty Ltd entity. We will contact you with more information.

Are we going to be working with different people now?  Account Managers, Customer Support Managers, etc

There are no changes to the Phriendly Phishing team.

Will Phriendly Phishing Pty Ltd maintain the same security and certifications as when part of CyberCX?

Absolutely. All certifications and security standards established as part of CyberCX Pty Ltd will continue to be maintained by Phriendly Phishing Pty Ltd.

I am usually invoiced through CyberCX, will this change?

Yes. You will be invoiced by Phriendly Phishing Pty Ltd.
You will be contacted individually by Phriendly Phishing with new banking details.

I have more questions, who should I talk to?

We have provided a range of information about these changes on our website at which should answer any of your questions.  Alternatively, if you have any queries about this change, please contact