It's high tide for holiday scams right now.

Cyber threats to both businesses and family increase during the holiday season as online shopping, deliveries, and donations reach their peak. Scammers use this opportunity to take advantage of people's generosity and vulnerabilities.

To help your team and their families avoid a phishy phestive season, Phriendly Phishing brings you 12 Days of Phishmas.

This free learning kit, complete with an interactive advent calendar-style map (sorry, no chocolate), includes:

  • Holiday themed training videos for organisations and family
  • Most common holiday scams
  • Social media during the festive season
  • Top tips to stay scam-safe over the holidays
  • Cyberbullying
  • Festive Smishing, social engineering, and clickbait
  • A parents guide to kids online this Christmas

Don't let your guard down this festive season, educate, empower your people so they can protect themselves​ and your organisation.

Get your free 12 Days of Phishmas learning kit today.