Want to empower your people so they can protect themselves and your organisation?

Leave educating your people to us.


Zero touch admin

Our automated phishing simulation and training platform require zero ongoing admin from you.Reduce your IT and HR burden.

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A culture of security

Training content that’s short, sharp, relevant and memorable. Developed by experts, we offer cyber security awareness courses your employees will actually enjoy and apply learnings to their working lives.

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Mitigate business risk

Customisable graduated learning paths, practical mock-attack exercises and positive reinforcement help staff progressively change their risky behaviours.

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Track your ROI

At-a-glance analytics cover campaign progress, your organisational risk profile, staff performance, historical trends and statistical improvements across all learning paths.

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Keep things local

A world-class SaaS platform designed by Australians for the ANZ market, hosted on Australian cloud servers and with local support gives peace of mind that we’re in easy reach if you need us.


Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022

Cyber Security Awareness Month is a month-long event that takes place every October. Throughout October, individuals and organisations from across the country take action and raise awareness of the dangers of cyber space.

This year, Phriendly Phishing will be focusing on four key areas of cyber security; security online, cyber bullying, Passwords and passphrases and social engineering. To help organisations train their employees in cyber security awareness, we’re offering a special FREE toolkit that encompasses these four areas.

Download the Cyber Security Awareness Month toolkit today!

Download here
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Our phishing security awareness programs are trusted by organisations across Australasia.

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Phishing awareness training that produces results

See improvements to your organisation’s security risk profile in as little as 90 days with security awareness and phishing simulation training crafted by certified and experienced cyber security professionals.

Our training options

Threats to data aren’t just limited to phishing. Poor or ill-informed work practices can also expose sensitive data. Give your staff an all-round understanding of data protection—including phishing—with our full library of cyber security courses.

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Phishing Awareness Training and Simulation

Create awareness amongst employees with journey-based phishing awareness training.

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Security Awareness Training

Develop a clearer frameworks for making intelligent cyber security decisions.

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innovation in learning - 2021 silver winner - the learning awards

Award-winning phishing simulation & cyber security training

Out of hundreds of entries worldwide, Phriendly Phishing joined the winner's podium at the 2021 Learning Awards! Read more about the awards here.

Get in touch today to experience what award-winning employee training can do for your business.

Award-winning phishing simulation & cyber security training

Out of hundreds of entries worldwide, Phriendly Phishing joined the winner's podium at the 2023 LearnX Awards! Read more about the awards here.

Get in touch today to experience what award-winning employee training can do for your business.

Best Pandemic Response - Client Training

Best eLearning Design - Simulation

in Learning

Best Online
Learning Model

Best eLearning

Best eLearning Design - Microlearning

Cyber Security Community Education Program of the Year

People: the biggest vector of cyber security breaches

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The global average total cost of data breaches. A 2.2% increase from the 2022 report.

IBM Report, *approx. $AUD
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Top 3

Cyber crime types for business:
- Business Email Compromise (BEC)
- BEC Fraud
- Online Banking Fraud

ASD Cyber Threat Report 2022/2023

Amplify your defences

Experience the impact a seamless, stress-free phishing education program can have on your organisation's risk profile. Request a demo to see how we can efficiently and effectively make your workforce more security-minded.

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Set schedules a year ahead

Schedule all content, campaigns, spear phishing and baselines to deploy more than 365 days in advance.

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Scalable, no sweat

Our auto-enrolment function removes the need for you to manually remove and add employees from the system or to create groups or segments.

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Report actual threats

Our free Outlook add-in empowers employees to report suspicious emails for analysis and mitigation.

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Monitor and measure

Our easy-to-read dashboard allows you to visualise and track your organisation’s phishing risk and awareness profile in one place.

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Syncs with your directory

Automates management of Phriendly Phishing trainees using your own employee network directory.

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Learning library

Access new phishing awareness modules and cyber security micro-lessons we regularly release.

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Fight security threats today

For phishing security training that’s less about installing a screen door on a submarine and more about knowing how to close the hatches, talk to us today.

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Responsive to our needs

“Phriendly Phishing has been responsive to our needs, implementing a number of customer actions and ideas to greatly enhance how we use the product features to align with our business needs. This has significantly increased our cyber security posture.”


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Easy to follow

“We have a lot more mature people working for us who did not grow up with computers being the norm. This training has been easy to follow and learn and gives me the confidence when they can do the training without issue. I cannot honestly say how it could be done better.”

ALEX STARR | Ross Hunt Real Estate

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Exceptional engagement

“For several years, Star21 has utilized Phriendly Phishing's service to enhance our staff's email management and broader cybersecurity skills, significantly improving compliance adherence. PP ensures all employees, from new hires to veterans, receive essential training.  Managing the platform is simple due to exceptional engagement with our CS Manager. Choosing Phriendly Phishing has been a key move in strengthening our internal compliance and security training efforts.”


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Nothing is more certain than human error

“Nothing is more certain than human error and culturally the office became more self-aware of information security and cyber risks. Phriendly Phishing has been fantastic from the start. I would definitely recommend them.”

MARK GWYNNE | Australian Accident Management Commercial

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A higher standard

“Phriendly Phishing sets a higher standard, measuring ongoing organisational risk to phishing, while leading individuals on their own journey of phishing awareness.”


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A no brainer

“There’s very little input required from our IT side, the program is all fully managed within the Phriendly Phishing platform. It’s a no brainer for us to use.”

MICHAEL RUDEBECK | Greater Hume Council