Master your employee's digital impulse

Technology helps your team work faster but it also ramps up people’s compulsion to click without blinking or thinking. It takes just one uneducated click to open your business’ virtual door to a corporate hacker and bypass your expensive software defences. Don’t risk data theft, exposure or extortion because of unschooled staff.

Just weeks after hackers had stolen the personal details of 76 million customers of a multinational bank, 20% of bank staff clicked on a simulated phishing email.  At that average rate, even a small workforce of 200 would provide cybercrims with 40 avenues to access corporate data.

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Success story

See how one or Australia’s largest professional services organisation slashed its phishing risk from 20% to 1.6% thanks to Phriendly Phishing.

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Data protectors should wear capes

Correctly trained, your staff can become one of the most effective shields against cyberthreats targeting your organisation.

When your people actively scan for dodgy content, or unleash their re-tooled password powers, they’ll help keep phishing bad guys at bay and minimise phishing threats to your business.

A tough subject to make interesting? Not for us.

Today’s workers expect training to be filled with engaging content and Phriendly Phishing delivers. From fun mini quizzes and mnemonic memory prompts, we’ll keep your people keen for more. Deploy training your people actually enjoy, and see the benefits of their buy-in.

Training employees actually love.

Phriendly Phishing training sharpens employees' intuition, builds procedural memory and makes staff re-evaluate their actions online.


Learning that sticks

Best-practice training with a mix of theory, interactive games and quizzes, practice scenarios and reward badges.

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Clear learning paths

Lessons mapped to each employee’s training level.

Tailored for states of awareness

Effective training for all employees, no matter their starting point.

Australian content

Developed by certified Australian professionals for the Australian context.

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Time-conscious modules

All modules take learners 2 to 10 minutes to complete.

See Phriendly Phishing in action

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Lighten your load with Phriendly Phishing’s automated learning platform

Phriendly Phishing’s fully automated learning platform lets you upload your employees to our automated portal, choose the training phishing campaigns you want to run, select the timeframe for roll out and then sit back and wait for the results to come in.

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Works on any device

Access training from any device with an internet connection. Our training platform is also optimised for mobile devices.

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Australian-based cloud-servers

Avoid expensive manual deployments and patching and keep info onshore.

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Up-to-the-minute content

New micromodules released as threat tactics and trends emerge and change.

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Designed to adapt to changes in the size of your workforce.

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No ongoing administration. None.

Free up your IT team’s time with our fully automated training solution. Simulation campaigns can be instigated or suspended in line with your organisation’s priorities. Automatically re-enrol learners when you're ready.

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Powerful analytics

Track your organisation’s phishing risk, overall phishing awareness, historical trends and staff performance in one place.

Our Phishing Training Options

S.C.A.M 101

Scam artistry is called the ‘confidence game’ but this course will turn the tables. Give your people the confidence to fathom phishing and its fraudulent tricks.

S.C.A.M 201

Equipped with knowledge of what constitutes phishing, your staff will apply their keen detective skills to spot counterfeit web pages and messages, and learn how to report their findings.

S.C.A.M 301

S.C.A.M 201 graduates step up to tackle a scenario where they educate a new starter about phishing. Harness the power of peer teaching to drive phishing knowledge deeper.

S.C.A.M Family

Phishing doesn’t stop at your organisation’s front door. Give staff the tools to help their friends and family scout for phishing locations and markers whenever they’re online.

FREE bonus options

USB drop testing and reporting

Check what would happen if staff members found an ‘apparently lost’ USB stick around your organisation or in communal areas.

Removeable media can contain malware. Shore up your risk with employee education and regular re-testing.

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Phish Reporter for Microsoft Outlook and Google

Stay up to date on the latest industry news.

  • Report it with one click

  • Remove it from their inbox as they report it

  • Receive immediate positive feedback

Get the Phish Reporter

Threats to data aren’t just limited to phishing. Poor or ill-informed work practices can also expose sensitive data. Give your staff a good all-round understanding of data protection with our general security awareness series, Keep Secure 5.

Other training options

Keep Secure

In 6 online progressive modules your staff will learn answers to burning questions like:

  • Why should I care about this stuff?

  • Why is working on the free Wi-Fi at the café down the street such a bad idea?

  • What’s wrong with using my own mobile to do a Facebook quiz in the breakroom?

  • Is there such a thing as the perfect password?

Keep Secure Mini

Practice makes perfect.

Graduates of Keep Secure can hit refresh with 3 modules to help them review their personal security practices and work towards mastering good habits. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who has come back to the organisation or who sensibly wants an annual refresher.


How can awareness training programs be implemented to reduce the risks of phishing?

* The first step to implementing phishing awareness programs is to know which type of phishing attack your organisation is most vulnerable to.

* Then, you need to determine the most effective way to engage your employees. For example, will the training be done using simulations or reading materials?

* Next, you need to focus on the training to cater to your employees’ individual needs; this makes it easier for them to focus on the training and remember it.

* Finally, you need to provide training regularly with the latest information to ensure your employees’ cyber security knowledge is always up to date.

How to train employees to recognize phishing email attacks?

Your employees need to be made aware of the many telltale signs of a phishing email. This includes:

* Grammar and spelling errors
* Includes suspicious attachments
* Unfamiliar domain names
* The email sounds urgent
* A suspicious tone of voice

You can learn more about phishing attacks here.

What are the three types of phishing emails?

These are the three main types of phishing:

* Email phishing
* Spear phishing
* Whaling

What are the common types of phishing attacks?

Aside from the three main types of phishing, there are many forms of phishing, these include;

* Vishing
* Man-in-the-Middle (MTM) Attacks
* Search Engine Phishing
* HTTPS Phishing
* Pharming
* Pop-up Phishing
* Evil Twin Phishing
* Clone Phishing
* Smishing
* Watering Hole Phishing

Does phishing training work?

Yes, it does. Most of our clients saw a drastic improvement in their cyber security infrastructure in just 90 days. Speak to the Phriendly Phishing team to learn more.