Why build a cyber aware culture?

As we all know, our digital journey is filled with exciting opportunities to learn, connect, and grow – both at work and at home. But with those opportunities come responsibilities, especially when it comes to online safety. By distributing and championing these resources now, you can help build a strong foundation of cyber awareness. The knowledge and skills acquired will continue to be relevant as technology advances, creating a resilient workforce and user base prepared to recognise and remediate cyber threats.  


Ensuring the safety of our users, customers and staff is our primary concern. A cyber-aware culture keeps them informed and vigilant against threats, reducing the risk of breaches or data loss.


A single cyber breach can have cascading effects on an organisation's reputation. By actively promoting cyber awareness, we project a commitment to diligence and security.

Encourages responsible
internet use

As leaders, it's our role to set the tone for responsible online behaviour. Embracing cyber awareness month provides an avenue for teaching and reinforcing these crucial habits.

How to protect your digital identity?


Your data, your asset

Every time you login, upload, or share something online, you're dealing with your digital footprint. Being cyber-aware ensures you protect this footprint, ensuring your personal details and records remain safe.

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Preventing unwanted surprises

From phishing attempts to ransomware attacks, the threats in the digital world can be daunting. But with awareness, you can identify, avoid, and even prevent these hazards, protecting our organisation.

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Stay informed

Knowledge truly is power. The more you know about your digital footprint and what information is available to scammers, the more you'll know about potential cyber threats and how to prevent them. Keep up with the latest privacy and security practices to protect your data effectively.