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When it comes to cyber security, employees are often the weakest link. Without an understanding of how to identify and respond to common threats, your employees are easy targets to exploit.

However it doesn’t need to be this way!

Phriendly Phishing’s training and simulation programs bulid vital security awareness skills and minimise the impact of potential security threats on your organisation.

And the best part? Phriendly Phishing is fully automated, so you can set it up and then get back to business.

Small Business Packages

1-25 Employees


26-50 Employees


*Prices are for 1 year subscriptions with a minimum 2 year commitment. Prices are ex. GST for Australian customers.

Your small business Phriendly Phishing subscription includes:

All this is included in your Phriendly Phishing subscription:

Phriendly Phishing Dashboard

Automatically track the impact of phishing on your small business

  • A baseline email assesses your business’ current phishing risk profile

  • Automated monthly email campaigns actively reinforce training concepts

  • Campaigns are ongoing, so you can set and forget and let the platform do the work

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Phishing Awareness Training

Easy to remember training to empower employees to spot phishing attempts

  • ‘Scan for S.C.A.M.’ learning framework allows for quick and easy evaluation of emails

  • Build confidence over time with 3 phishing courses S.C.A.M. 101, 201 and 301.

  • Ensure employees’ families are protected with S.C.A.M. Family edition

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General Security Awareness Course Pack

Create general security awareness with staff to make smarter, security decisions with short courses covering:

  • Security Foundations

  • Cyber attack evolution

  • Social engineering

  • Online, internal & remote threats

    Making intelligent, ongoing security decisions

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Access to Full Course Library

Upskill your staff with access to Phriendly Phishing’s full course library with courses on topics including

  • Online Safety

  • Device Security

  • Social engineering

  • Workplace Security

  • and more

Ready to get started with Phriendly Phishing?

If you’re ready to:

  • Improve your staff’s ability to detect phishing and spear-phishing threats

  • Reduce employee clicks on malicious links

  • Fight back against ransomware and fraud targeting executives

  • Reduce the risk of scams and malware proliferation and

  • Close the path of advanced malware to your systems

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