People want to know how to tell if a call is fake and what to do in case they still think it's legitimate. They also want answers about the best way to handle the situation when confronted by a real scammer over the phone or how to get back at a scammer.

This type of knowledge can make you feel safe and confident about your ability to take care of yourself and your finances, whether at home or abroad.

Some people like watching funny videos, while others prefer serious ones that provide useful information. No matter what motivates you, there's something for everyone on YouTube! You can find any type of video content that fits into your life and interests, including anti-phishing and vishing protection ones.

These videos can be both informative and entertaining at the same time, so it's easy to see why so many people turn to YouTube for all their information-gathering needs.

Anti-phishing videos have been growing rapidly in popularity since the beginning of 2017 because more and more YouTubers are getting involved in making them, using a variety of video clips.

Some feature real scam calls that were recorded by a victim of a vishing attack, while others are made up entirely of fake phishing scenarios. These videos have everything you need to know about how to spot fake calls quickly and easily before they can do damage to your personal finances or your overall wellbeing.

Here, we will discuss 10 YouTubers who are serving justice to vishing attackers like never before.

Common Vishing Attacks YouTubers Deal With

What is vishing? Vishing, also known as "phishing by phone," is a kind of scam where someone uses a fake number to call you and trick you into sharing financial or personal information. Once they have what they need, their next step usually involves stealing your money or running up charges on your existing credit card accounts.

Common Vishing Attacks and What They Are

Refund Scams

Scammers claim that you've won money, but you'll need to provide them with your banking information to collect it. This way, they can easily take funds directly from your checking or savings account after they transfer the "winnings" into your electronic payment system.

Tech Support Scams/Call Center Scams/IRS Scams

Any type of phone call that falls into the "tech support" category is probably a scam. For example, someone calls you to say your computer is infected with malware and you need to pay them to fix it. This is usually easy for scammers because many people do not conduct regular computer scans.

The same thing goes for IRS scams. People fear an audit, so they are more likely to comply with requests quickly rather than question them if they receive a call like this.

Impersonation (voice changing software)

This is when scammers use fake voices to pose as family members or legitimate phone representatives. This can be very confusing, especially if someone tries their hand at a fake voice to sound like a friend or family member.

These are just a few vishing examples that anti-phishing YouTubers deal with daily.

How YouTubers Are Exposing Vishing and Other Phishing Scams and How They Are Fighting Back

Shutting down scam companies/organizations

They are exposing them in videos to warn the public about them so people will report fake numbers and shut down their operations.  These videos include proof to support their claims, so it's very easy for people to identify scammers when they come across them in the wild.

YouTube videos are helping to put cyber vishing scammers in jail.  Scam callers can be traced by their phone numbers, so if they make enough calls, chances are someone will report them and the police will come after them.  Information on this type of YouTubers' content is also shared via other social media channels, which is how they can help catch phishers.  Phishing scammers want to be left alone until they know you have their number, so it's smart to report them as soon as possible.

Alerting authorities from countries where the scam originates from

Sometimes these companies will come out and use social media to promote their work or brag about success stories. Scammers also keep track of the numbers they have been calling so they can report where money is being sent from.

In other cases, Youtubers receive tips from victims who have endured a scam call. When a YouTuber receives a tip, they will investigate the claim and report what they find to authorities.

They inspire people to be wary of scams on phones.

Some of these anti-vishing YouTubers have been phished by scammers directly, which is what motivated them to expose this type of scam. Once they share their own stories, people quickly become aware and take action.

People may not know what a vishing scam is, but they know that scammers of all kinds are trying to get their money or personal information. YouTubers may not even cover different types of phishers, but they will expose resources where you can learn about them and how to avoid falling for them.

In addition to the above, anti-vishing YouTubers are influencing people to fight back against all types of phishers. These vishing fraud stories may not even be the main focus of a video, but they help expose where specific types of phishing scams come from (e.g., phone phishing).

The Real Heroes: 10 YouTubers Exposing Vishing and More Scams

1. Kitboga

Kitboga has a number of videos on scambaiting vishing and phishers, but his main focus seems to be exposing customer service scams.

He has more than five million views, and his video titled "Scammer Calls on my Phone Number (Customer Service Scammer)" has nearly two million views to date. He has one of the best scammer videos on the platform.

He also regularly posts videos about scams he runs into on his own phone number.

2. IRLRosie

IRLRosie is a phone detective who has more than 94K subscribers on YouTube.  Her channel's target market is North America, so she reports phishers she sees originating from North America.

She may not be the biggest YouTuber out there, but her videos are easy to understand and have good titles to aim for search results.  Her latest video, "Received a Scam Call From This Number? Report It Here!," has over 18,000 views.

3. Scammer Revolts

Who is Scammer Revolts? According to his YouTube channel, "Scammer Revolts is a YouTuber exposing scams for the public good."

Scammer Revolts has almost 2,000 subscribers to his channel. Most of his videos are phone call recordings where he reports the scammer's name and how much money they received. (e.g., "Scammed out of $17,000 by this Scammer")

4. Jim Browning

Jim Browning's videos are clear, well-edited, and have good titles that show up in search results when people are looking for information about certain scams.  He has over 4K subscribers on his channel.

His most popular video is "Scammer Who Calls Me on My Cell Phone Number (Calls At Least 2x a Day)" which has almost 22K views to date.

5. Atomic Shrimp

He is a self-proclaimed YouTube detective and phone shark. Atomic Shrimp has over 9K subscribers and regularly posts videos about vishing and customer service scams.  His channel's main focus seems to be North American scammers, but that may be because he lives in the United States.

6. Scam Bait Central

Scam Bait Central has over 2,000 subscribers on his channel. His videos are very easy to understand and have catchy titles that will help them show up in search results.  He mainly exposes phone scammers or phishers from Asia, but there's a good chance this will change as he gets more subscribers.

7. Trilogy Media

Trilogy Media is a YouTuber who exposes vishing and phishing scams. His videos are very easy to understand and follow, and he seems to focus on scammers from all over the world (e.g., Africa, Europe). He also tries to use different video equipment when possible, which keeps things interesting. His latest video has over 1,500 views.

8. Scamalot - James Veitch 

James Veitch is a comedian and writer who exposes vishing and phishing scams on his website. His stories are funny, but that doesn't make them any less effective. He even has a book about the subject called "Dot Con." His videos have been shared all over the internet, which is sure to help expose this type of scam.

9. Wenja92

Wenja92 has 1.1 million subscribers on his channel and regularly exposes scammers who vish or phish. Many of his videos are in German, but the titles are good enough to show up in search results when people need to know information about certain scams.

10. G-Man Scam Patrol

G-Man Scam Patrol has over 2,200 subscribers on YouTube. He posts lots of videos about various scams and how to prevent them from happening. His channel is focused more on customer service scammers, although he does expose vishing and phishing too.


There are many other YouTubers we could have included in this list, but the above accounts have been around for a while and have worked hard to expose vishing and phishing scams. They do a great job of how to scam a scammer and exposing the scammers themselves instead of just posting signs on how not to get scammed. 

If you made it all the way down here, congratulations!  Feel free to share this article with your friends on social media or comment below.