The Safer Internet Day campaign raises awareness about online abuse. We can all play it fair online through simple actions like being safe, respectful, and kind.

If you are experiencing cyberbullying, then you are not alone. It is an upsetting experience and challenging to escape. Find out what cyberbullying is and what you can do to protect yourself.

Cyberbullying is using technology to bully or hurt someone else online. Some examples of Cyberbullying can include sending or sharing nasty, hurtful, or abusive messages or emails, humiliating others by posting or sharing embarrassing videos images, spreading rumours and/or incorrect information online.

1 in 5 Australian young people (15% of kids, 24% of teens) admitted behaving negatively to a peer online by calling them names, deliberately excluding them, or spreading lies or rumours. Of these, more than90% had had a negative online experience themselves.

You can help others when they experience abuse online by supporting and speaking up – if it is safe to do so.

Understanding what to do about it can help stop the harm it causes:

1.      Social Media Safety - Manage the voices you engage with so you control what you see and hear online. Conversation controls help you manage your social media feeds and make sure these platforms are amore positive place to spend time with your community online.

2.      Protect your identity online- Your digital identity helps prove who you are online. Safeguard your organisation, yourself, and your family by using safe cyber practices when accessing the internet.

3.      Make it a habit to collect evidence of online abuse - Take a screenshot and save a URL – which you can use if you choose to report online abuse.

To foster a positive experience for yourself, friends, and family, remember to:

     Be respectful – Consider others when you are online

     Be kind – Be a positive role model

     Be resilient – do not let an unpleasant experience get you down

     Be prepared to ask for help – everyone needs support

We are proud to support Safer Internet Day on 8February 2022 and join forces with @eSafetyOffice to tackle online abuse. Through simple actions like being safe, respectful, and kind, we can all#PlayitFairOnline. Sign up to support #SID2022

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