About the webinar

Human error remains a pain point for both IT and Security Managers. So when it results in a security incident, human error can be especially costly to any organisation.

The days of blaming users for security mistakes are quickly coming to an end. Savvy security and IT professionals are more aware that the responsibility of training and educating employees now rests on their shoulders.

But quite frankly, this can be a challenge. Hundreds of engagements have taught us that there are three main barriers that Security Leaders encounter when setting up awareness initiatives:

1.    Time constraints: “I have no time,” or “With what time I have, this is not my highest priority.”

2.    Communication issues: “How can I convince staff to take security seriously?” or “How do I get staff interested in this?”

3.    Data: “How can I provide ongoing hard evidence to my stakeholders that security awareness training is needed and that it works.”

Join Phriendly Phishing's Founder & Executive Director, Damian Grace, as he offers solutions to these constraints and shares his steps for developing a security awareness program that achieves results.

What you’ll learn

Backed by data from thousands of users, Damian will offer actionable tips and share lessons learned from organisations across different sizes and sectors.

You will learn about:

•       Why security awareness training is a must? Common security practices your users are ignoring right now

•       How to start with the end in mind and set goals

•       How to communicate for success. The soft skill you need to win hearts and minds of staff and management

•       Pitfalls to avoid when managing a security awareness program

Watch the video today to get expert insights that will help you in developing your security awareness program.


Damian Grace

Founder & Executive Director
Phriendly Phishing, Phishing Awareness Training & Simulation

Leading the Ethical Hacking team at Shearwater Solutions for over eight years, Damian saw the impact of phishing on organisations. And when his grandfather was scammed out of his life savings, he made it his mission to create an effective anti-phishing training solution to educate users. Damian is now the Executive Director of Phriendly Phishing, the phishing awareness training solution he founded which has grown to provide training for thousands of users across Australia and New Zealand.