Phriendly Phishing, with our innovative online learning platform, has won the Best Online Learning Model award at the prestigious 2022 LearnX awards. The LearnX awards recognise and celebrate the best in e-learning, and Phriendly Phishing's win is a testament to the platform's effectiveness and impact in the industry. Phishing scams are a major threat to organisations, with employees often being the weakest link in cyber security.  

The Phriendly Phishing platform uses gamification techniques to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging for employees, making it more effective than traditional training methods. The platform also provides real-time reporting and analytics to help organisations track their employees' progress and identify areas where they need additional training. With its innovative approach and proven effectiveness, it's no wonder that Phriendly Phishing was recognised as Gold in the Best Online Learning Model at the LearnX awards. The award is a significant milestone for the company and a testament to the hard work and dedication of its team.

Previous awards at LearnX in 2021 included silver in the ‘Best Pandemic Response’ category, proving that it’s possible to train and upskill even during an unprecedented upheaval in business and personal development, and the silver in ‘Best E-Learning Design’ for our phishing simulation training model.

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Phriendly Phishing, an Australian-developed software for cyber security and phishing awareness, placed in the "Innovation in Learning" category at the 2021 The Learning Awards. This category recognises organisations that have made unique and innovative contributions to the delivery of learning, and Phriendly Phishing was selected for its ability to decrease the threat of phishing attacks by empowering employees to detect and report them. The software targets human error and trains staff to adopt better cyber security practices, aiming to equip employees with lifelong skills for safer decisions and stronger organisational cyber security.

The win is a testament to Phriendly Phishing's global capability, as the awards received hundreds of entries from over 80 countries worldwide. Phriendly Phishing has already helped educate and empower over 365,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. The company's executive director, Damian Grace, said

“To be recognised on the global stage is a great indicator of Phriendly Phishing’s goal for international expansion. The team are thrilled with the win, and we are excited about the prospect of ensuring every employee possible is cyber aware.”

Phriendly Phishing was the only cyber security and phishing awareness tool nominated in the "Innovation in Learning" category, among nominees such as AstraZeneca and Lloyds Banking Group.