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Phriendly Phishing joined the winner’s podium at the 2021 The Learning Awards placing in the “Innovation in Learning” category.  

This category is open to global organisations that demonstrate they have made a unique and innovative contribution to the delivery of learning, recognising new and boundary-pushing ways of engaging learners and developing capability in the workplace.

Phriendly Phishing training and campaigns decrease the threat of costly phishing attacks on an organisation, by empowering employees to spot, detect and report a phishing threat. The software targets human error, as well as alerts and trains staff to adopt better cyber security hygiene. The goals is to empower employees with lifelong skills to make safer decisions and fortify organisational cyber security.  

The Learning Awards attracts hundreds of entries worldwide from over 80 countries. The win from Australian developed Phriendly Phishing is a true testament to the product’s global capability. Phriendly Phishing has already helped educate and empower over 365,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand.  

Executive Director of Phriendly Phishing, Damian Grace said, “To be recognised on the global stage is a great indicator of Phriendly Phishing’s goal for international expansion. The team are thrilled with the win, and we are excited about the prospect of ensuring every employee possible is cyber aware.”  

The only cyber security and phishing awareness tool to be nominated in the "Innovation in Learning" category, Phriendly Phishing was proud to join fellow nominees including: AstraZeneca, Desq & Fujitsu, Furlearn (Gold winner), Lloyds Banking Group, Paymentsense, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, and The Engagement Coach.  

Click here to watch the full awards program. For more information on the Learning Awards visit https://thelearningawards.com/.