Industry-specific cyber security solutions

Phriendly Phishing’s award-winning cyber security training solutions have helped train staff members of various organisations across the country. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your organisation's cyber security infrastructure, our team can give you a hand.

Industries we work with
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We offer a diverse range of cyber security training solutions which include:


Phishing awareness training

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Security awareness training

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Enterprise security awareness

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SMB security awareness

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USB drop testing and reporting

Industries we work with


Hospitals are frequently targeted by cyber criminals—these cyber attacks could interfere with treatments and endanger lives.

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Higher education

Due to outdated security measures, educational institutions need strong cyber security measures to protect their students' personal data.

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The defence sector needs enhanced cyber security measures to protect military intelligence and defend against national security threats.

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Financial employees need cyber security awareness to prevent cyber attacks that could risk financial data being stolen.

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Construction companies need cyber security to prevent cyber attacks that could potentially delay building projects.

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The retail industry is a common target for cyber attacks—these attacks could cost them thousands of dollars and cause massive setbacks in business-as-usual.

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All our training solutions are designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of cyber security knowledge. Through our cyber security solutions by industry training courses, your staff will become more confident with their ability to identify cyber threats, preventing future cyber attacks on your organisation.

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What our clients say

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Responsive to our needs

“Phriendly Phishing has been responsive to our needs, implementing a number of customer actions and ideas to greatly enhance how we use the product features to align with our business needs. This has significantly increased our cyber security posture.”


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Easy to follow

“We have a lot more mature people working for us who did not grow up with computers being the norm. This training has been easy to follow and learn and gives me the confidence when they can do the training without issue. I cannot honestly say how it could be done better.”

ALEX STARR | Ross Hunt Real Estate

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Exceptional engagement

“For several years, Star21 has utilized Phriendly Phishing's service to enhance our staff's email management and broader cybersecurity skills, significantly improving compliance adherence. PP ensures all employees, from new hires to veterans, receive essential training.  Managing the platform is simple due to exceptional engagement with our CS Manager. Choosing Phriendly Phishing has been a key move in strengthening our internal compliance and security training efforts.”


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Nothing is more certain than human error

“Nothing is more certain than human error and culturally the office became more self-aware of information security and cyber risks. Phriendly Phishing has been fantastic from the start. I would definitely recommend them.”

MARK GWYNNE | Australian Accident Management Commercial

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A higher standard

“Phriendly Phishing sets a higher standard, measuring ongoing organisational risk to phishing, while leading individuals on their own journey of phishing awareness.”


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A no brainer

“There’s very little input required from our IT side, the program is all fully managed within the Phriendly Phishing platform. It’s a no brainer for us to use.”

MICHAEL RUDEBECK | Greater Hume Council

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