Is your training-related data stored on-shore?

If not, your sensitive data will not be protected by Australian data privacy and security laws, and this could mean you losing rights to your data or it being misused by unauthorised individuals!

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Storing data off-shore could mean businesses losing rights to their data

When large companies store their data off-shore, the data will be subjected to the data protection laws of the host country. Under these circumstances, Australian companies will be powerless to make any objections against changes in data privacy and security laws in the country the data is stored.

To prevent this, Australia has a data sovereignty law that makes it mandatory for local businesses to store their data on Australian soil. In order to ensure that our clients stay compliant with this regulation, we store their training-related data in AWS servers in the Australian region.

Many cybersecurity training providers store their data off-shore, which may lead them to lose authority over their data. But at Phriendly Phishing, we are compliant with data sovereignty laws and always store our clients' training-related data in data centres in Australia.

Benefits of on-shore data storage

These are some of the benefits you can expect from storing data on-shore:

Compliance with data laws

By storing your data on-shore, your entity will be compliant with Australian data laws and regulatory requirements.

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Restrict unauthorised access

The law states that data stored in data centres in Australia can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

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Quick recovery from local backups 

Your company's data can be recovered quickly from backup data centres if you lose your data from the main server.

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Protection by Australian data privacy and security laws

All data stored in data centres in Australia will be covered and protected by the Australian Privacy Principles.

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