Enterprise security awareness training for higher education staff

Cyber criminals have been targeting the Australian education sector for years. Find out how solutions like enterprise security awareness training can help protect both school staff and students alike.

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Education in the shadow of cyber threats

In recent years, the higher education sector in Australia has become a target for cyber criminals. In fact, Australia ranks among the top five countries whose education sectors are targeted the most by cyber attacks.

In July of 2021, Check Point Research (CPR) discovered that the Australian education sector was hit by an average of 3,934 attacks per institution, which was a 17% increase from earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, the number of these attacks shows no signs of slowing down, especially since more higher education institutions have adopted online platforms to carry out their teaching and learning activities. This has caused the need for institutions to implement more effective and reliable cyber security measures that can protect their IT infrastructure.

What could cyber attacks do to educational institutions?

Here’s how cyber attacks could cripple educational institutions:

Block access to online courses

Cyber attacks like Denial of Service attacks (DoS) can make websites of educational institutions go offline, depriving students of accessing their online classes. This could slow  students’ academic progression and also affect the institute's reputation

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Cyber criminals can enter an educational institution's network and spy on the activities of students, educators and administrative staff. These bad actors could potentially use the information they gain from spying for phishing attacks.

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Data theft

Educational institutions hold lots of sensitive information about students, staff members and other stakeholders, like their personal details, contact information and financial details, and the institute's records of students’ performance. Bad actors steal these and use them for their own financial gain.

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Financial loss

Major data breaches, like the one that was experienced by the Australian National University, could cost an educational institution thousands of dollars in damages and days of downtime.

Phriendly Phishing—Let us help your staff become cyber resilient

Cyber attacks can impact the academic careers of students and slow down an educational institution’s curriculum.

Both students and teaching staff could easily fall prey to cyber attacks, like phishing scams and ransomware. This is usually because most students and staff may not be properly trained in cyber security awareness.

With Phriendly Phishing’s award-winning phishing and enterprise security awareness training solutions, you can prepare your staff and students to defend themselves against debilitating cyber attacks.

Our well-curated training solutions are easy to pick up and learn for anyone, regardless of how much knowledge they have about cyber security. Our solutions can help fortify your institute's cyber security infrastructure from the ground up.

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Make your organisation cyber resilient with Phriendly Phishing

Both your customers and your employees can fall victim to cyber attacks. One of the best ways to fortify your retail business against cyber criminals is to make enterprise security a part of your work culture.

Studies show that at least one in three employees will fall victim to cyber attacks such as phishing. This is why incorporating cyber security practices into your retail business is fundamental.

Phriendly Phishing offers enterprise security awareness training to give your employees the knowledge, skills and mindset they need to protect themselves and your business's digital assets. Our training solutions aim to change their online behaviour to become more compliant and aware of cyber security practices and policies of your organisation.

With our training courses, your staff will become more passively aware of the dangers of cyber space, preventing cyber attacks that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

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Online scammers are getting smarter every day. Download our handbook, to the right, to help your staff recognise the telltale signs of an online scam.

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