Ultimate Guide: How to Choose the Right Security Awareness Training Solution

If you ask a CIO about what keeps them awake at night, it’s likely they’ll raise a concern about cyber security. Cyber criminals today are highly sophisticated, well-resourced and skilled in planning and executing targeted attacks. Motivated by lucrative profits, cyber criminals are relentless in their pursuit of high value targets – across all sectors, industries and organisation types.

Unfortunately, relying on security products alone is no longer a viable strategy for defending your organisation’s systems and data from a potential attack. As legitimate businesses have stepped up their fight against malicious entities, cyber criminals have increasingly focused on exploiting organisations’ greatest vulnerabilities – their users.

Hacking, phishing and scams are common examples of cyber threats that target users and the personal or sensitive information that they hold. The harsh reality is that these attacks are carried out on a daily basis, with consequences ranging from significant financial loss to the release of commercially sensitive information and reputational damage.

The good news is that organisations can take action to reduce their risk exposure by empowering their employees to identify, report and take action on potential attacks. Security awareness training is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reduce susceptibility to an attack. Organisations can build a strong first line of defence by educating employees at all levels on how to identify suspicious online activities and what to do if they see the signs of a potential cyber attack.