Four ways to help your team cast off a phishing attack

Bait a hook and you can lure fish. Cybercrims bait an email (or other message) and lure humans. The first we call fishing. The second, phishing.
The outcomes are usually not good for either of the intended targets. Fortunately, unlike most fish, humans can be trained to recognise the lures and change their behaviour.

Phriendly Phishing’s phishing awareness training and simulations can help your staff:

  • Understand what phishing is, phishing tactics, and the impact a successful phishing attack can have on them and your business

  • Build and apply procedural memory so they know how to identify and avoid a phishing lure, but also how to react if they get hooked

  • Sharpen their online intuition and reflexes

  • Boost their peers’, friends’ and families’ phishing awareness

Avoid the one-click blunder

Phishing is a human-to-human con game. No technological barrier will ever provide a fail-safe solution that prevents phishing attacks. A busy, distracted employee can make a single click to resolve something that they believe is urgent.

That single click could lock up your system, install a virus or harvest sensitive data. The potential damage does not just run to direct costs, which could potentially be in the region of hundreds of millions of dollars. There’s also the likely damage to your reputation, or future damages through theft of intellectual property or personal data.

Smarts, strength and speed: phishing defence training that works

Research shows that developing and building skills that staff need to fend off phishing attacks requires a staged training process, not a one-off lecture. That’s why Phriendly Phishing offers our most popular S.C.A.M (Sender, Content, Action, Management) programs across 3 modules. We also have an optional add-on module that helps your employees’ friends and families benefit from phishing training too. And with memorable, enjoyable and engaging content, your employees steer clear of the ‘security fatigue’ effect.

Train staff to scan for S.C.A.M

Train staff to scan for S.C.A.M and build a more digitally resilient workforce thanks to Phriendly Phishing’s phishing awareness programs.

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Created by Australian-certified professionals for the Australian context,

our automated cybersecurity awareness training cultivates employee behaviour change ... for good.

Cut the fat...
Browse our workplace security courses:

Phriendly Phishing’s micro courses deliver engaging lessons fast—a quick bite that fuels your busy team and keeps the process positive and fresh.

S.C.A.M 101

Scam artistry is called the ‘confidence game’ but this course will turn the tables. Give your people the confidence to fathom phishing and its fraudulent tricks.

S.C.A.M 201

Equipped with knowledge of what constitutes phishing, your staff will apply their keen detective skills to spot counterfeit web pages and messages, and learn how to report their findings.

S.C.A.M 301

S.C.A.M 201 graduates step up to tackle a scenario where they educate a new starter about phishing. Harness the power of peer teaching to drive phishing knowledge deeper.

S.C.A.M Family

Phishing doesn’t stop at your organisation’s front door. Give staff the tools to help their friends and family scout for phishing locations and markers whenever they’re online.

Phriendly Phishing courses help your employees safely navigate the waters of the web and by doing so, safeguard your operations and save you thousands.

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