Phishing Awareness Training
Buyer’s Guide

Today’s cyber-attacks are highly sophisticated, hard to detect and increasingly targeted at everyday users. If your organisation is like most, chances are it is vulnerable to phishing and ransomware attacks directed towards employees.

Unfortunately, phishing is a common and highly lucrative form of cybercrime in Australia and abroad. Phishing attacks are the leading cause of data breaches in Australia, with over 25,000 phishing reports made to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s ScamWatch in 2019.

The consequences of phishing can be serious, ranging from financial losses to the release of commercially sensitive information and reputational damage.

The good news is that your organisation can take action to fight phishing by empowering employees to identify and report phishing scams.

Phishing awareness training is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reduce your organisation’s vulnerability and susceptibility to an attack. Organisations can build a strong first line of defence by educating employees at all levels on how to identify phishing emails and what to do when one lands in their inbox. When you reinforce education over time, employees are primed and prepared to identify and report phishing emails varying in sophistication.