Cyber security and phishing awareness training for the defence industry

The Australian defence industry uses some of the most sophisticated cyber security measures in the world, but cyber threats keep getting smarter to counter. Find out why training solutions, like phishing awareness training for the defence industry, is vital.

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The danger of cyber attacks on the defence industry

The Australian defence industry is one of the most technologically sophisticated industries in the world. It employs more than 27,000 people and exports over $750 million worth of defence-related products and services to the United States, New Zealand and Europe.

Seeing as how the defence industry is a gold mine of sensitive information, it has become a high-profile target for hackers. In response to the advancing cyber security infrastructure of defence contractors, hackers continuously make cyber threats harder to detect.

The threat of cyber attack on the defence industry became very clear in 2019 when an unnamed Australian defence contractor was attacked by a hacking group called “Alf”, who stole over 300 gigabytes of information from them.

Cyber threats faced by defence contractors

Here are the different kinds of cyber attacks faced by defence contractors in Australia today:

Phishing attacks

These are some of the most common cyber attacks defence contractors can face, in fact, 91% of all cyber attacks start with phishing. Phishing involves sending emails with malicious links or attachments to the intended victim.

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A particularly dangerous kind of cyber attack, ransomware can block access to an organisation’s entire network. In order to regain access to the network again, the organisation or the victim must pay the attacker.

Hackers may even steal highly confidential documents about the defence industry while holding a contractor's network hostage.

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Supply chain attacks

Hackers may try to break into a defence contractor’s supply chain, and by doing this, they may be able to infiltrate the networks of government agencies and access highly-valuable government assets.

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Attacks from within

Not all cyber attacks come from outside an organisation; sometimes an organisation's employees themselves may be the bad actors in a cyber crime.

These kinds of attacks are very unpredictable and can go unnoticed for a very long time.

Level up your defences with Phriendly Phishing

Attacks on the defence industry won’t just inconvenience defence contractors and other related organisations; these attacks could potentially result in major problems for national security, such as the country’s defence information being stolen by foreign powers.

95% of cyber attacks happen due to human error, and individuals working within the defence industry are just as likely to make these mistakes.

With Phriendly Phishing’s well-curated cyber security training solutions, you can make sure that your employees are aware of the dangers of cyber attacks, are capable of identifying them, and are fully compliant with your organisation’s cyber security policies.

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Make your organisation cyber resilient with Phriendly Phishing

Both your customers and your employees can fall victim to cyber attacks. One of the best ways to fortify your retail business against cyber criminals is to make enterprise security a part of your work culture.

Studies show that at least one in three employees will fall victim to cyber attacks such as phishing. This is why incorporating cyber security practices into your retail business is fundamental.

Phriendly Phishing offers enterprise security awareness training to give your employees the knowledge, skills and mindset they need to protect themselves and your business's digital assets. Our training solutions aim to change their online behaviour to become more compliant and aware of cyber security practices and policies of your organisation.

With our training courses, your staff will become more passively aware of the dangers of cyber space, preventing cyber attacks that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

Why choose Phriendly Phishing?

Here’s why you should choose Phriendly Phishing as your training solutions partner:

Award-winning phishing awareness training solutions

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