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Want to know how to stop phishing emails from affecting your business?

We at Phriendly Phishing specialise in training your employees to respond to common phishing scams. With our training programs, phishing prevention for your organisation will be easier than ever.


Take a load off

Phriendly Phishing’s automated phishing simulation and training platform require zero ongoing admin from you. We take care of it all, and reduce your IT and HR burden on the way.

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Gain staff buy-in

Training content that’s short, sharp, convenient, relevant and memorable. Developed by experts, we offer phishing & cyber security awareness courses your employees will actually enjoy.

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Build capability

Customisable graduated learning paths, practical mock-attack exercises and positive reinforcement help staff progressively change their risky behaviours and level-up their security skills.

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See returns

At-a-glance analytics cover campaign progress, your organisational risk profile, staff performance, historical trends and statistical improvements.

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Keep things local

A world-class SaaS platform designed by Australians, hosted on Australian cloud servers and with onshore support gives peace of mind that we’re in easy reach if you need us.

People: the biggest risk factor in cyber security

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The proportion of successful cyber attacks in Australia reported as stemming from phishing, compromised employee credentials or ransomware.

*Telstra Security Report 2019,
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Is the average cost incurred by a business that experiences a phishing attack. Phishing ranks as the second most expensive cause of data breaches.


Strengthen your organisation’s phishing prevention practices

Our comprehensive training programs can teach your employees how to avoid phishing and protect themselves from online threats. Book a demo with us to see our training solutions in action.

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Set schedules a year ahead

Schedule all content, campaigns, spear phishing and baselines to deploy more than 365 days in advance.

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Scalable, no sweat

Our auto-enrolment function removes the need for you to manually remove and add employees from the system or to create groups or segments.

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Report actual threats

Our free Outlook add-in empowers employees to report suspicious emails for analysis and mitigation.

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Monitor and measure

Our easy-to-read dashboard allows you to visualise and track your organisation’s phishing risk and awareness profile in one place.

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Syncs with your directory

Automates management of Phriendly Phishing trainees using your own employee network directory.

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Learning library

Access new phishing awareness modules and cyber security micro-lessons we regularly release.

Our training solutions are trusted by organisations throughout Australasia

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How is Phriendly Phishing different to the competition?  

Full System Automation​: Phriendly Phishing is a fully-automated phishing ecosystem that syncs to your Active Directory or other data source. Don’t waste precious time on manual tasks!

Built for the A/NZ Market: Developed by Australian certified professionals to help Aussies navigate the phishing landscape. Enjoy onshore data sovereignty and customer support. ​

Custom Learning Paths​: Take your employees on their own unique journey with a fully-automated risk assessment, training and on-going practice campaigns.​

Train, Not Trick​: Most employees are non-technical. Phriendly Phishing trains, nurtures and helps employees create long lasting behavioural change with our train, not trick methodology.​

My staff are all technical how will your program help me?  

Phriendly Phishing will ensure everyone in your organisation has completed the same high-quality training proven at reducing click through rates on scam emails. The dashboard allows you to monitor staff on an individual basis to identify those that still require additional training.

What does ‘zero touch automation’ mean?   

Once our Customer Success Team sets up your account, Phriendly Phishing can run in the background without user intervention. We authenticate with your Active Directory to ensure all staff are added into training campaigns from the minute they join the organisation.

How long is a subscription?

Phriendly Phishing’s standard subscriptions are for 2 years.

How much does it cost?

All companies will charge you an upfront cost for access to their system, however it is important to keep in mind the hours per week required for upkeep and maintenance. Through our automated approach, we have minimized any ongoing administration of Phriendly Phishing while still giving some of the highest quality results in market. Your per-employee subscription fee to Phriendly Phishing is the only cost you’ll ever incur.

Do you offer customer support?

All customers have anytime access to our online support ticketing and knowledge base. Our Customer Success and Support team is Australian based, with standard business hours during AEST to support Phriendly Phishing account admins.

Who will set Phriendly Phishing up for me?

Our Customer Success and Support Team will reach out to set up your Phriendly Phishing account and hold a 30-minute demonstration to show you how to manage your account and setup the baseline, training, and campaigns. Visit our online ticketing and knowledge base system to communicate with our technical support team and access how-to pages.

Who are your current clients, and can I speak with them?

Phriendly Phishing is the trusted provider of hundreds of organisations in Australia across sectors including state and local Government, higher education, retail, technology, health and more. We have helped clients of all sizes from 50 employees to 60,000 employees. Phriendly Phishing is able to provide you with customer references if required to assist in your buying process.