Preview of the 5 Handy Tips to Avoid Online Scams eBook

5 handy tips to avoid online scams

Phishing threats are everywhere you look. That’s why building awareness across your organisation is a critical part of a successful security strategy.

Unfortunately, security training is notoriously boring, and getting staff to pay attention to the training content is an ongoing challenge for security leaders.

As security professionals, we feel your pain. That’s why we have created a series of user-friendly training resources aimed at your non-technical staff.

Enter the employee phishing awareness handbook—“5 Handy Tips to Avoid Online Scams”.

This employee phishing awareness handbook is an excellent resource for employees at any level of the organisation. It gives readers five short and easy-to-understand tips that can help them familiarise themselves with common cyber attacks and teach them what to do when they encounter such threats.

The guide will help your employees to:

  • Be more diligent when using social networks

  • Understand what phishing is

  • Know why everyone is a target

  • Identify the basic signs of a phishing email

  • Know what to do with a phishing email

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