Do your employees know what to do with a phishing email?

Should they report it? Ignore it? Or simply delete it and move on, throwing away an opportunity – specifically your opportunity – to detect a phishing attack early.

With Phriendly Phishing’s Phish Reporter Outlook add-in you provide your staff with a super easy way to report a threat thus reducing the risk of downtime and ransomware outbreak.

Always-on phishing alerts powered by your staff

Get better visibility with data from every Outlook user in your organisation while they’re on-site or remote. Whenever an employee reports a suspicious email, you’re immediately alerted.

Develop an engaging security culture

Lecturing employees about the need to be security cautious doesn’t work. It never did. Security leaders are now aware of the need to engage their staff and reward responsible behaviour.

With Phish Reporter, your employees will get immediate positive feedback whenever they report a suspicious email. Thus reinforcing your security awareness efforts. You will enable your staff to:

  • Report suspicious emails with one click
  • Remove an email from their inbox as they report it
  • Receive immediate positive feedback
  • Get better visibility with data from every user in your organisation

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Here's what you'll get

  • Easy Setup: After you complete the registration form, we will configure the installation files to your requirements
  • One Click reporting: When an employee comes across a suspicious email they can report it to your security team with one click.
  • Auto Phishing Removal: As an extra precaution, all reported emails will be moved to the deleted items folder to avoid accidental clicks.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Your staff will receive positive feedback whenever they report a suspicious email.