What organisation doesn’t have an employee who either operates a computer, computer-driven machinery, or who carries or wears a smart device whether their own or company supplied?

Employees must act protectively when using these tech tools. Firstly, because cyber criminals can use them as a portal to unleash untold damage on operations and secondly, because people can make mistakes when handling secure digital data. To minimise risk, use Phriendly Phishing’s general security awareness training and make sure your employees are across the basics.

Phishing phonies, plumbing, and the malaise of malware

Is a phishing attack when those piranha fish go after you?

Who do I call to plug a data leak?

Is malware something I can catch, or just a general feeling?

Some of your staff likely can’t define ‘phishing’, ‘data leak’ or ‘malware’. Yet phishing—that is, luring someone to click a bogus link or download bogus material—is how cybercrims plant malicious programs (malware) on computers and networks. And with those programs, crims can shut down or deface websites, skim money, steal ID, delete files, demand ransom, and more. Meanwhile, data leaks can expose your organisation to massive reputational risk and even potential legal action. It’s pretty important that all staff know and understand the terms.

Secure your business better with cyberaware staff

For employees to recognise, avoid and report a cyber security threat or information security risk, they need a basic education in the types of threats and risks they may face. Phriendly Phishing’s general cybersecurity training provides the knowledge, context and framework for your staff to make smarter, more calculated security decisions. Our signature Keep Secure 5 program does this with engaging content such as:

  • an overview of how cyberattacks evolved

  • hacking in the real world v hacking in the movies

  • profiles of typical hackers

  • compelling true stories of cyber crises winners and losers

  • the emerging language of cybersecurity including new definitions of well-known words and phrases like ‘waterhole’, ‘drive by’ and ‘whaling’

  • the deep web and the dark web

Better Online Practice

Tune your people in to better online practice and tune out the bad guys with Phriendly Phishing’s general security awareness courses.

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Created by Australian-certified professionals for the Australian context,

our automated cybersecurity awareness training cultivates employee behaviour change ... for good.

Browse our general security awareness courses:

Keep Secure

In 6 online progressive modules your staff will learn answers to burning questions like:

  • Why should I care about this stuff?

  • Why is working on the free Wi-Fi at the café down the street such a bad idea?

  • What’s wrong with using my own mobile to do a Facebook quiz in the breakroom?

  • Is there such a thing as the perfect password?

Keep Secure Mini

Practice makes perfect. Graduates of Keep Secure can hit refresh with 3 modules to help them review their personal security practices and work towards mastering good habits.

It’s the ideal solution for anyone who has come back to the organisation or who sensibly wants an annual refresher.

Phriendly Phishing courses help your employees safely navigate the waters of the web and by doing so, safeguard your operations and save you thousands.

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