Stop employees becoming the ‘path of least resistance’

For cyber crims, information is money. They could be after sensitive information about your organisation, your vendors, partners, customers or employees. And to get it, they are less likely to target your organisation’s technology and more likely to target your people. They’ll do this with phishing emails that look like business-as-usual correspondence, or fictious threats that make staff think their system is infected. Every single employee may be a target, but your system’s ‘super users’—those who have admin rights or privileged access for critical systems—may be most at risk.

Show why an educated click translates to better cybersafety

While your IT security teams are doing their bit with hard security measures, you need to make sure that every single employee knows what it means to make an educated click. Among other lessons, Phriendly Phishing’s staff awareness training will teach people how to

  • think about what compels them to click on a link

  • check emails, attachments and embedded links carefully to make sure they are valid before clicking them open

  • avoid entering company information in response to an email, pop-up webage or other form of communication they didn’t initiate

  • review system-flagged messages carefully before bringing them out of anti-spam quarantine.

Cybersecurity is no longer just a technology challenge. It’s a user challenge. Equip your people with the knowledge they need to make online security their business too.

Make best-practice cyber safety a feature of your workplace security culture with Phriendly Phishing’s staff training programs

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Created by Australian-certified professionals for the Australian context,

our automated cybersecurity awareness training cultivates employee behaviour change ... for good.

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Security in the workplace

Cultivate a cyber-savvy workforce that recognises information as an asset and knows their role in protecting it


Security incidents

Laptops are like the keys to a home. They provide access to a cache of valuables. Show employees how to lock laptops down tight.


Situational awareness

Walk alone at night, and you’ll likely be hyperaware of your surroundings as you plan options in case of trouble. Help staff become similarly cybersafety conscious.


Email security

Shake people out of their comfort and convenience zones and get them to see the benefits of keeping their work and personal email accounts separate.


Privileged access management

Breaching your privileged accounts would give cybercrims mobility and power beyond even the queen in chess. Fortify your account administrators’ security awareness to stay in the game.


Security incident response

You prepare your people for fires so that they know what steps to take. Embed the same preparedness for a cyberattack.


Phriendly Phishing courses help your employees safely navigate the waters of the web and by doing so, safeguard your operations and save you thousands.

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