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Raising awareness of the dangers of cyberspace

The cyber landscape is always growing and innovating, but this development doesn’t come without danger.

Cyber threats are becoming more complex and harder to detect as cyber criminals become smarter. Unfortunately, some organisations may not be fully aware of how catastrophic a cyber attack can be.

At Canberra CyberCon, we hope to help business leaders learn about current cybersecurity threats and develop effective strategies for fighting them.

We also want to show you how cybersecurity training solutions can make your organisation more cyber resilient.

Whaling: here's what you need to know

Whaling is a form of phishing that targets upper management staff, like CEOs and executives. Find out how to avoid these devious cyber threats with this brochure.

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Stay one step ahead of cyber criminals

Phriendly Phishing is a cybersecurity training solutions provider based in Australia. Our goal is to:

Train employees to detect online threats

Many cyber threats, such as phishing scams, are very discreet. But our training courses will help your employees detect them easily.

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Provide easy training programmes

Regardless of their knowledge of cybersecurity, our training programmes are accessible to employees at every level of the organisation.

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Teach the dangers of phishing

Phishing scams are simple, but they can do costly damage to your organisation. We’ll help your employees understand these threats.

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Keep up-to-date cybersecurity information

All of our courses are updated regularly to align with the latest developments in cyber threats and prevention techniques.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cybersecurity training solutions.

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