Human error leads to the bulk of damaging breaches we see over and over again. This webinar will offer insights that will help you succeed in improving staff cybersecurity awareness and drive meaningful change.

About the webinar

Most IT and security leaders recognise that staff security awareness should be a vital part of their security program.

But how do you convince key stakeholders of the need to invest in security awareness training? How do you set realistic expectations of success? Most importantly, how do you communicate security awareness concepts to sceptical, busy staff?

We will outline three broad strategies that work in tandem and underlie an effective and repeatable security awareness program.

What you’ll learn

Learn about the three strategies that will help you build a security awareness culture:

Lead: By identifying key stakeholders in your organisation, aligning security outcomes with their goals, and addressing their concerns.

Engage: Discover the type of content that engages employees, the messages that resonate and avoid the traps that produce a negative effect.

Change: Understand the difference between one-off security awareness training and what it truly takes to build a security awareness culture. Here we will help you outline metrics that will guide your efforts, satisfy business executives and, finally, build tactics to maintain the ground you gained.


Damian Grace

Founder & Executive Director
Phriendly Phishing, a CyberCX Company, Phishing Awareness Training & Simulation

Leading the Ethical Hacking team at Shearwater Solutions for over eight years, Damian saw the impact of phishing on organisations. And when his grandfather was scammed out of his life savings, he made it his mission to create an effective anti-phishing training solution to educate users. Damian is now the Executive Director of Phriendly Phishing, the phishing awareness training solution he founded which has grown to provide training for thousands of users across Australia and New Zealand.