Build a culture of cyber security awareness in your organisation

Learn how to integrate cyber security awareness into your organisational culture with our top tips.

This resource will:

  • Teach you how to track the performance of awareness programs.
  • Show you how to get your staff interested in cyber security.
  • Talk about the benefits of security-minded work culture.

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Instilling cyber security into your work culture

One of the best ways to make your organisation cyber resilient is to make your employees aware about potential cyber security threats they may face at a workplace. The goal is to ensure that cyber security awareness blends in seamlessly with your organisation’s culture.

When cyber security awareness becomes a part of your organisation’s culture, it becomes more relevant to your employees and they become more supportive of your efforts to protect the organisation from cyber crime.

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Phriendly Phishing—we’ll help bring cyber security awareness to your employees

At Phriendly Phishing, we offer a selection of cyber security awareness training solutions that are created by experts and designed to help employees of all levels in your organisation learn of the dangers of cyber space.

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