Enterprise security awareness training for the construction industry

The construction industry has become a common target for cyber attacks in recent years. Find out how enterprise security awareness and phishing awareness training can help mitigate this threat

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The growing impact of cyber crime on the construction industry

In the not-too-distant past, the construction industry was one of the few industries that were least likely to be affected by a cyber attack. This was mainly due to the fact that construction companies didn’t use many technologies that required data storage as they do now.

With the construction industry taking on new technologies, such as 3D Building Information Modelling, biometrics, and autonomous construction machinery, it has become a more accessible target for cyber criminals.

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, between the financial period of 2020-2021, there were over 67, 500 reported cyber attacks that resulted in losses of more than $33 billion.

These stats make it clear that the construction industry needs to work towards improving its cyber security infrastructure.

How can cyber attacks cripple construction companies?

These are some of the ways cyber attacks may impact businesses in the construction industry:

Downtime due to system breakdowns

Construction projects have deadlines and the success of a construction company relies heavily on its ability to finish a project before they reach these deadlines. Cyber attacks can lead to long delays leading to downtimes that can cost the company thousands of dollars.

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Loss of sensitive data

Construction companies store valuable information about their business strategies and client information. Having sensitive data stolen could lead to a company losing its competitive edge.

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Breach of trust

Losing highly confidential information pertaining to a project or a client during a data breach could tarnish the reputation of a construction company. Potential clients won’t have faith in entrusting a project to a construction company that has severe vulnerabilities in their cyber security infrastructure.

Fortify your company’s cyber security infrastructure with Phriendly Phishing

Construction companies face many of the same cyber threats as companies in other industries. Cyber attacks range from simple phishing emails to more complicated threats, like Denial of Service attacks.

Even with the best cyber security software, human errors can still happen and staff members could inadvertently allow hackers to enter the company’s network by just opening an attachment in a phishing email.

With Phriendly Phishing’s award-winning enterprise security awareness and phishing awareness training solutions, you can ensure that your staff members will keep themselves and the company safe from common cyber threats.

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Make your organisation cyber resilient with Phriendly Phishing

Both your customers and your employees can fall victim to cyber attacks. One of the best ways to fortify your retail business against cyber criminals is to make enterprise security a part of your work culture.

Studies show that at least one in three employees will fall victim to cyber attacks such as phishing. This is why incorporating cyber security practices into your retail business is fundamental.

Phriendly Phishing offers enterprise security awareness training to give your employees the knowledge, skills and mindset they need to protect themselves and your business's digital assets. Our training solutions aim to change their online behaviour to become more compliant and aware of cyber security practices and policies of your organisation.

With our training courses, your staff will become more passively aware of the dangers of cyber space, preventing cyber attacks that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

Why choose us as your training solutions partner?

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