Why do healthcare workers need cyber security training?

The Australian healthcare system has become a frequent target for cyber criminals. Find out how Phriendly Phishing can help healthcare workers prepare to face and mitigate cyber threats.

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The healthcare industry—a prime target for cyber attacks

According to a recent study, about 30% of the world’s data is generated by the healthcare industry. It is estimated that by 2025, the growth rate of data collected by the healthcare sector could increase to a staggering 36%.

The Australian healthcare industry is a treasure trove of confidential data, making it a major target for cyber criminals. According to the 2022 Security Report by Check Point, the healthcare industry was hit with an average of 830 weekly attacks throughout 2021.

In the first 6 months of 2022 alone, Australian healthcare organisations experienced 506 weekly attacks.

Why is the healthcare sector so vulnerable?

These are several reasons why the healthcare sector is an easy target for cyber crimes:

Employees are unaware of cyber threats

The most common reason for the sector’s vulnerability is that the staff aren’t trained properly in cyber security. In most cases, they may have very basic knowledge of the subject.

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Medical devices are easy entry points

Devices, such as heart rate monitors, don’t store data, but hackers could still leverage them to attack a healthcare institute’s network. Since these devices, by design, don’t have any cyber security features, they act as easy entry points.

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Busy schedules

Healthcare workers have some of the busiest and tightest schedules. Due to this, introducing and adapting to new cyber security technologies can be very difficult to accomplish.

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Outdated technology

Due to budget constraints, many healthcare organisations continue using outdated computer systems. These systems may no longer receive security updates, making them vulnerable to new cyber threats.

Phriendly Phishing—improving cyber resilience in organisations

Data breaches in hospitals could potentially endanger the lives of thousands of patients. These attacks could shut down entire networks and delay life-saving hospital operations and cost hospitals thousands of dollars in damages.

Hospital staff can easily fall victim to common cyber attacks such as phishing scams, mainly because they aren’t likely to receive the appropriate training to avoid these threats.

This is why cyber security training for healthcare employees is so important.

Phriendly Phishing offers up-to-date and easy to understand phishing awareness and cyber security training solutions that can help healthcare staff get the cyber security education they need.

With a workforce that’s prepared for any kind of cyber attack, you can fortify your healthcare institution’s cyber security infrastructure, preventing attacks that could put your patients in danger.

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