Kick breach risk to the kerb...

Cultivate a shrewder, more seasoned workforce that can confidently confront your most common information security challenges head-on. Leave educating your workforce to us.

Take a load off

Phriendly Phishing’s automated phishing simulation and training platform require zero ongoing admin from you. We take care of it all, and reduce your IT and HR burden on the way.

Gain staff buy-in

Training content that’s short, sharp, convenient, relevant and memorable. Developed by experts, we offer phishing & cyber security awareness courses your employees will actually enjoy.

Build capability

Customisable graduated learning paths, practical mock-attack exercises and positive reinforcement help staff progressively change their risky behaviours and level-up their security skills.

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See returns

At-a-glance analytics cover campaign progress, your organisational risk profile, staff performance, historical trends and statistical improvements.

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A higher standard

“Phriendly Phishing sets a higher standard, measuring ongoing organisational risk to phishing, while leading individuals on their own journey of phishing awareness.”


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A no brainer

“There’s very little input required from our IT side, the program is all fully managed within the Phriendly Phishing platform. It’s a no brainer for us to use.”

MICHAEL RUDEBECK | Greater Hume Council

Our Training Options

Phriendly Phishing’s micro courses deliver engaging lessons fast—a quick bite that fuels your busy team and keeps the process positive and fresh. Explore our course topics below.

S.C.A.M Series

Our core phishing awareness training, learners will learn to ‘Scan for S.C.A.M.’, a framework for employees to quickly and easily evaluate emails as they enter their inbox. ​

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Keep Secure Series

Centred on our signature Keep Secure framework, staff will progress through 6 modules that help them master a security mindset across your entire enterprise.

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General Security Awareness

Remove all the guesswork and get everyone in sync with training that makes your entire workforce ‘security fit’.

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