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This Week's Episode Overview

In this week's episode of Bytes with Bec and Benji we delve into the critical topic of AI governance and the ethical, legal, and global challenges that come with the development and use of AI systems. We explore why establishing robust AI governance is essential to ensure responsible AI development and deployment. Key components of effective AI governance, such as accountability structures, policies, training on ethics, privacy, security, oversight, and stakeholder engagement, are discussed in detail.

Ethical and Legal Issues in AI

The conversation also highlights major ethical issues associated with AI, including the need for informed consent for data use, ensuring safety and transparency, addressing algorithmic fairness and bias, and protecting data privacy. We tackle the complexities of determining liability when AI systems make mistakes, such as the debate over AI's legal personhood and how to assign responsibility between AI and human actors. The adaptation of existing legal frameworks like copyright and patent law to accommodate AI is also examined.

Global Collaboration and Proactive Risk Management

Given AI's widespread impact across various sectors, we discuss the importance of global collaboration and common principles for effective AI governance. We look at recent efforts like the OECD AI Principles and the proposed EU AI Act as steps towards this goal. Additionally, we emphasize the need for organizations using AI to proactively manage legal risks through due diligence, monitoring, employee training, and strong contracts with AI providers that include indemnification clauses.

Join us as we unpack these complex and fascinating issues, providing insights into the evolving landscape of AI governance and its implications for society.

Download the ebook of slides here.